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We are a Japanese company located in Tokyo, Japan. We are doing services or business arrangement to foreign companies in Japan.


Consulting Service

We consult you to come to Japan market from the points of marketing, sales, company establishment, M&A, etc.
If you come to Japan market to promote your products or services, it is better to get advice from Japanese companies because the business style and the business environment in Japan are different from your country.


Representative or Agent Service

When you are looking for a representative or an agent in Jaspan and you have a difficulity to find them, please feel free to contact us. We will closely work with you to find them.



Recently, some Japan companies are on sale because of the lack of their successor. It will be a good chance to come to Japan market or to get the technology, know-how, etc. from them by M&A.
We will find or arrange a suitable Japanese company for you.


Open Innovation

We are also doing Matching Services called Open Innovation, in Japan. If you are looking for sources of technologies, patents, marketing/sales force in Japan, etc. we will serve for you.


General Shop

We can arrange and ship the goods to sell in general shop in your country. In Japan, so-called 100-Yen Shops are very popular. The quality of the goods are fine, and prices are cheap. If you want to open such shops in your country, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will cooperate and support you to open shops.





We look forward to working with you as we get things under way, and we do hope that you are our next business friend, Your success is our goal!!!


M. Suzuki
Japan Marketing Service Co., Ltd.
September, 2017



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Company Name Japan Marketing Service Co., Ltd.
Company Address View Plaza Koyodai 1-1201, 4-4-2, Koyodai, Inagi-shi, Tokyo 206-0803, Japan
President M. Suzuki
Tel. Number +81-42-307-3668


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